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If you are using a washing machine, it’s a good idea to wash the swimsuit with similar types of synthetic fabrics. Turn the swimsuit inside-out, and treat the appropriate areas for sunscreen stains with a dab of gentle detergent. Place the suit in a mesh laundry bag to prevent snags and stretching.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your white swimsuit looking its best. Unlike with washing, where some suits can be put in a machine-washer, no bathing suit should ever be dried in a dryer. The high heat found in a dryer can weaken the elasticity of the spandex or lycra fibers. You should also be cautious not to hand up the swimsuit to dry as it causes water to pool at the bottom of the swimsuit, stretching it out. And hanging it on metal rods or clothes hangers can also alter the shape of the bathing suit or leave rust marks, which is staining that is nearly impossible to remove. You should also not dry your swimsuit in direct sunlight, which can lead to premature color fading.

If you find vinegar, soak the stained cloth in a solution of one part vinegar and three parts water before washing. You can also apply white vinegar directly to the stains for a spot clean. Though hand washing is best, you can throw your swimsuit into the machine [pii_email_2dba0fe1ffc088509b1c] washer in an emergency or time crunch. If your washer has a delicate setting, use that to keep stretch and damage to a minimum. You can also try slipping the suit into a mesh laundry bag to keep the straps from getting caught on the rest of the load.

This will prevent straps from catching on anything and pulling on the suit. Ensure any zippers ormastectomy bikini clasps are securely fastened to prevent tangling. Reeves advises washing the swimsuit in fresh water at the very least if you’re away from home and don’t have access to detergent or vinegar. Men’s swim trunks are machine washable since they have less spandex than women’s swim trunks do. Hand washing your swimsuit will yield the best results. After that, let each pair of swimsuits float back to the top of the sink without rubbing them to get them clean.

Remove cigarette smoke smells in clothes by soaking them in a baking-soda solution before washing. Put the suit into one of those protective mesh bags, which will help to keep it from getting tangled up with bulkier items of clothing and getting stretched out. It’s easy to take good care of swimwear, but there are a few tricks to doing it right. Bombshell Bay Swimwear is an eco-friendly Melbourne label who creates sustainable luxe swimwear out of floating plastics and other misplaced synthetics that are found in our oceans. The ideal method for cleaning your suit is to use a light detergent, or possibly none at all. She is also a Master Gardener with over 40 years’ experience; writing for over 20 years.

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