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However, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith hinted that we may or may not get to find out who the father of Charmaine’s twins are in season 5 as he doesn’t want to waste the huge cliff-hanger. Susan Hogan , Elise Gatien , Paolo Maiolo and Kandyse McClure will be appearing in season 5, but details on their characters have not yet been shared. Actor Mark Ghanimé, who plays newcomer Dr. Cameron Hayek in the series hinted at what’s to come for season 5, teasing that there’s “something special in store” as he revealed he had finished filming. The Virgin River cast has since announced the exciting news that they have wrapped filming for season 5. However, we can guess that season 5 may be released around summer in 2023 seeing as seasons 3 and 4 were both released in July 2021 and 2022. Season 4 was an emotional rollercoaster, with Charmaine dropping some huge baby daddy drama about her twins, Mel and Jack’s pregnancy palaver and an unexpected newcomer in the form of Doc’s grandson.

Because I actually think the audience loves that you’ve got to have some bumps, but seeing them mature and deepen their love is going to be nice. Despite how Season Four tried to create a huge gap between them Martin might be right about them getting closer in season five, after all, a happily ever after story is the best. What about the new addition to the show in Virgin River season 4, Melissa Montgomery played by Barbara Pollard brought some new and dangerous moves to the Virgin River. Even though she hasn’t gotten the scripts yet to know which direction her character would go. She said she’s got her own hopes saying I know that hope is on the road to recovery and she’s going to get better. And I’m hoping that there’s going to be more of her doing the mayoral duties that we’ve seen her do the fans will get to see your Hope bring local politics to a whole new vibe that’s never been seen before.

And if we’re going off of this theory, season five could be released as early as July of 2023. Meanwhile, Breckenridge told New Beauty that she thought season 5 included some of “best episodes we’ve ever done.” With filming of season 5 underway, we’re hoping to get these answers, and maybe a little more.

It’s now been a little over two months since we were finally able to witness all that Virgin River Season 4 had in store for us, and, as usual, the show did not disappoint. As of now, there’s no sign that any significant new cast members will be added for the show’s fifth season, though Netflix head of drama Jinny Howe vowed to TV Line that the show would have more inclusivity over Season 5. And there has been a behind-the-scenes shakeup; “Greek” showrunner Patrick Sean Smith has been named to spearhead “Virgin River” ahead of Season 5, per TV Line. Doc and Hope spend the entire season coping with Hope’s post-car-crash brain injury, and now they’re standing on the cusp of another family health crisis. It turns out that Denny hasHuntington’s Disease, throwing a spanner into Denny’s love triangle with Lizzie and Ricky. As usual for the show, you can expect that all episodes will drop on the service simultaneously, allowing fans to binge or slowly savor the new season when it arrives.

But now that season 4 has been out for a bit, longtime fans are already wondering about season 5. Luckily, we did some digging, and there’s a lot more in store for Virgin River. “This season we have had the pleasure of starting earlier than we usually do. The weather has been absolutely amazing! I understand why people live in Vancouver now—it is absolutely stunning in the summertime,” she told New Beauty. With this pattern in mind, it seems likely that, unless there’s a sudden twist of fate (which we wouldn’t put past this stunning river town), we might have a year-long wait for the next updates. We’d hedge our best at July 2023 when taking into account filming, post-production, and some much needed downtime around the holidays. There have been indications that Mandy would make an appearance in Virgin River Season 5.

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