VULCAN QuickDraw

You can mount this to a desk, bed rail, or any other stable piece of furniture without fail. Plus it works just as well mounted for right or left-hand draw. It also supports a pretty wide range of mounting options – well beyond just a car or truck. Are center console replacement lockboxes crossing hockey sticks that come in a huge variety of configurations and model-specific orientations. Wearing a firearm while seated can be cumbersome, and longer road trips will be downright irritating. Plus carrying a firearm on your person while seated will seriously compromise your ability to draw.

Not exactly a holster but serves the same purpose in a car. This system is perfect for rental vehicle and leases. While we offer 3 different mounting systems on our website, the holster comes with a 1″ ball adapter that can be mounted to many different RAM Mounting systems that accept a 1″ ball. One of our favorite aspects of the Stinger is its compact design – at just 2” wide and 3.5” long giving you almost every mounting option you could want. Not so with the Lock ‘Er Down line – the doors are big and easy to get anything that will fit in the box in and out easily. Consult your local laws for firearm storage, and transportation prior to purchase.

One tester praised the Jotto for its heavy-duty design and customizable trigger fit, making it work with many different sizes and shapes of handguns. The Jotto is a steel, locking pistol holster that allows for quick access to your pistol and supports a variety of mounting locations/orientations. If you are looking for another ideal spot to keep your gun, consider under the car seats. It’s a place where you can easily access it in an emergency situation. It’s well hidden from thieves, and in fact, not too many of them would even think of looking for it under there.

I use the magnet type in a not so smooth riding truck. It holds my fully loaded Glock 17 in place very nicely and has never fallen off of it. Flimsy plastic may work for a while, but it will crack or let the screws loose after a while. Then, you’ll have to remount it and make more holes. You can mount them anywhere with a few screws and they aren’t obvious like some other holsters are.

Please allow additional time if international delivery is subject to customs processing. It’s 100% your responsibility to know — and abide by — the laws in your state or any state you are transporting a firearm within. Laws can be surprisingly strict regarding off-body carry and subtle things like disclosure when pulled over or questioned by a police officer. TRIGGER GUARD PROTECTION – Stinger Gun Magnet Mount is an innovative firearm accessory combines… The main fault with this mount is the fact the hooks don’t have any grip or traction, so they can slip on smooth plastic dash material. Also – these are model-specific, so make sure you research the specific year, make, and model to ensure you’re getting the correct unit for your vehicle.

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