What Are Goddess Braids? Everything You Need to Know

Finish this look off with a bun in lieu of bangs – it’s sweet, sassy and totally modern. If you have fine-textured natural hair and you want to try out some Goddess plaits, consider diy braid rack an angular pattern with precisely divided sections and part lines. These “home-made” braids are attention-getters that are made even better with the bronze hair cuffs on each tress.

You will need2-3 packs ofsoft yaki kanekalon braiding hair and 2 packs of freetress deep twist hair. You will need3-4 packs ofsoft yaki kanekalon braiding hair and 2 packs of freetress deep twist hair. Purchase 6-8 packs of synthetic hair for long, thick braids. Shorter, thinner box braids may require fewer packs of hair.

Instead of doing a middle part with your goddess braids, go for a deep side part to add more dimension to your braids. Before you start braiding, prep your hair with moisturizing butter to keep it healthy and hydrated. Give your goddess braids a cool two-tone look by feeding in blonde braiding hair. To remove the goddess braids, cut the plait about an inch below where your natural hair ends.

This style is perfect for a night on the town (or when you just want a little something extra!). Truly worthy of mythical royalty, this gorgeous updo is both feminine and intricate. You won’t see it duplicated very often, and while unfortunately this is a one-day style, it is worth the time and effort for a special occasion. Braids going back and forth, up and down are lovely and modern. If your hair is a weave, you might have the advantage of an extra shiny mane that will simply gleam with beauty when bundled atop the head. Still gorgeously sexy, this goddess-worthy style is actually inspired by the standard Fishtail braid.

If you love a good ponytail you can still rock one even with goddess braids. If you love a good angled style, try it out with your goddess braids. Have some fun with your goddess braids and wear them in a fun top knot style. While they have a long history, most modern renditions of the style require extensions to be braided in. However, this newer take on the braids can actually be done on natural hair, no heat or extensions required.

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