What do you think of the Seattle startup Flexe?

Flexe delivers technology-powered, omnichannel logistics programs. The world’s largest retailers and brands use Flexe to move fast—at scale—and with precision. Scale fulfillment networks to improve delivery promises.

I have yet to experience anyone at the company who’s unkind or unwilling to help when asked. The interview process is long and intense as they truly look for character as much as extnow://receive_verification_code ability and seem to have stocked their entire company with people gifted with both. Work hours are truly what you want them to be. No one hounds you to stay late or skip lunches.

I ordered an item on November 27 and it still has not shipped. I emailed customer service days ago and got no response. I tried calling the number listed on the website with no answr. I am considering contacting credit card company today and cancelling. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. This company is a joke between there computer systems not working properly poor customer service and there own employees are miserable because they are mistreated by the higher up.

The company offers a wide range of products, from sensors and displays to batteries and chargers. If you’re considering making a purchase from Flexe, you may be wondering if the online store is legitimate or a scam. Although Flexe is a relatively new company, it is a legitimate business that offers quality products at reasonable prices. Flexe is an online store that specializes in selling flexible and bendable items.

Operators do not cover damages caused by “acts of God” and/or “acts of nature,” and the customer assumes liability. Each operator holds proper liability insurance at all times. Flexe logistics providers are extensively screened before joining the Flexe Logistics Network. Flexe performs site visits to ensure that the facilities and processes meet Flexe quality standards. Flexe tracks ongoing operator quality metrics through the Flexe Logistics Platform.

FLEXE, Inc. owns and operates a cloud-based warehousing marketplace. FLEXE serves customers in the State of Washington. Traditionally, shippers solved logistics problems using an owned network or outsourcing to 3PLs. A Flexe Logistics Program is a third way to solve fulfillment, distribution, or capacity challenges that doesn’t involve capital expenditure or a long-term lease. Flexe Logistics Programs combine technology, networks, and a transactional pricing model to solve the toughest omnichannel logistics challenges.

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