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Butterfly locs are a protective hairstyle that is popular among women with kinky hair. They are a close relative of distressed locs as well as faux locs. However, unlike the aforementioned styles, butterfly locs hair incorporates curly loops. This feature makes them resemble a butterfly, hence the name. But they have a much neater appearance and require a different braiding technique.

On average, it can take anywhere from three to six hours to install this style. Another great thing about butterfly locs is that the messier they get, the better they look. So no need to worry about keeping them super-neat.

Depending on the method you have used to create your locs, you will have a different level of access to your natural hair. The braiding and wrapping method implies covering your hair with synthetic strands almost completely, can you braid wet hair extensions while the crocheting technique leaves you some access to it. This is why it makes sense to pay more attention to the scalp. Also, this is one of the reasons why you should not wear locs for more than a month.

This hair can also be used to add thickness to the base braid. The best kind of hair for butterfly locs is water waves. If you want locs longer than your actual hair, you’ll also need some filler hair. There are a lot of good brands out there, but FreeTress and Niseyo have some of the best hair. There are multiple methods to create distressed locs.

In terms of cleansing, most protective styles will require a wash day here and there, but butterfly locs don’t require them. The short answer is yes, you can wash Butterfly Locs, but you’re not going to get a “real” wash. If you’ve use the braid-and-wrap method, your own hair is wrapped around the synthetic hair. With the crochet method you have relatively more access to your own hair but still not full access. So most people focus on keeping their scalp clean as you’ll see in the video below. Not having full access to your own hair is the #1 reason for not leaving these types of styles in for too long; 4 weeks is a general rule of thumb.

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