What is bottraffic live and how do I block it from Google Analytics?

That process can be altered with filters based on your needs. This should be your website, and it’s where the data is sent to. But for the tool to be reliable, you need to be able to trust that data.

This is particularly useful in stopping download and spambots. Traffic arbitrage is the practice of paying to bring traffic to a website to ensure high-yielding PPC/CPM-based campaigns. By only purchasing traffic from known sources, site owners can reduce the risk of bad bot traffic. As we move into an increasingly tech-driven future, search engine crawler bots are becoming smarter by the day. A report released by Imperva last year found that bots comprised almost 41% of Internet traffic, while bad bots accounted for more than a quarter of traffic.

Utilizing an integrated analytics tool such as Google Analytics will further help website owners identify traffic bots in their website traffic. In Early February 2021, we had a number of clients who saw unnatural spikes of traffic within their Google Analytics accounts. After a quick evaluation, we noticed that all of them had been hit with around 500 sessions from a “traffic-bot” within the same week.

The analysis of 292 Google Analytics accounts which had al least 25 referrer visits per day to find out how big the problem actually is. Also more than half of all websites had spam traffic. Referrer or Ghost Spam are domains in your Analytics referral traffic which are added there by spam bots and not by people visting your site via a click on a third party website.

Next to bot traffic, there’s another type of traffic that is accessing your page, however, should also not show up in your analytics reports. This traffic is generated by so-called spiders or web crawlers. You should not see any of this traffic showing up in your analytics data, however, you will be able to identify them in your server logs.

Now wait 2 days and see the differences in data for your Test and Master views for the full day they had a different set of filters. So, for example, you can create a filter to remove all the traffic coming from your office based on the IP address of your office. That’s because this kind of bot traffic pollutes your data, which means your typical conversion rate suddenly agence referencement lyon optimize360 goes south. Would you like to be sure that your website is secure against web traffic spikes and security threats? In addition to premium hosting and upkeep, Seravo offers expert services for your WordPress site, including speed optimization, security hardening and standby support. The spam traffic can be identified by looking for any sessions with Browser Size equals .

Make sure that the Bot Filtering box is ticked in this section. As mentioned, specific bots are required for the operation and optimal performance of search engines and digital assistants. However, specific search engine bots are explicitly designed not to cause damage to sites and user experience.

So we go to the “audience report” which normally looks like this for “All Users” . There is no related feature since WP Cerber is about security and protection. Managing single spikes in traffic like that one brings not much value. In this instance it was a case of referral and organic spam.

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