What is Oxtail? Nutrional Benefits & How to Cook It

There’s been a rise in interest among chefs and ecologically conscious individuals to partake in the nose-to-tail eating philosophy. Even in the United States, oxtail has a history with slavery. That isn’t the case with oxtail because there’s so little of it to begin with.

Oxtail may just be the secret ingredient that’s missing. Like any type of cut of meat, oxtail meat has differences in its quality. If you want to enjoy the delicacy of oxtail meat, then there are a few ways you can save money.

In days of old, oxtail came from oxen, but today it is simply the tail of beef cattle or veal of both genders. Eating oxtails dates back as far as the consumption of beef when all of an animal was used and no part went to waste. The tail made a wonderfully hearty soup that stretched a small amount of meat with the addition of any variety of vegetables. Butter beans, which are often used in Jamaican oxtail soup.

Traditionally, oxtail was a term used to describe the cut of meat taken from the tail of an ox. No surprises there, of course, but these days its meaning is somewhat broader. It’s now more likely to refer to the tail spanish rotisserie chicken of more commonly consumed cattle, such as beef or veal. Cook uncovered for about another half an hour, or until the meat can easily be pulled off the bones. Then use a slotted spoon to remove the oxtails from the pot.

Stewed oxtail with butter beans are popular in Jamaica, Trinidad and other West Indian cultures. Sancocho is a revered soup that often features oxtails in Colombia and elsewhere in South America. In Mexico there is a dish featuring both oxtails and beans from Sonora called, inexplicably, “Gallina Pinta.” South Africans cook oxtails in traditional three-legged cast iron skillets. “I had oxtail for the first time last year, and it was incredible. It’s a little like eating the tenderest, most flavourful ribs you can find,” one user added. “Nothing better than properly tender oxtail,” another concurred. Oxtail lends itself to low and slow moist cooking.

As is evident from its name, Oxtail refers to the tail of the animal and is a bone-in part. Halal Certified Oxtail meat is also easily found in Middle Eastern supermarkets and Halal Butchers. Our entire vascular system is made up of toughened connective tissues. Increasing your Collagen intake keeps the miles and miles of tissue in your vascular system walls strong and pliable. Top editors give you the stories you want — delivered right to your inbox each weekday. Lentils are a food full of benefits, but how to cook them right?

Oxtail stew was a favorite winter dish my mom prepared when we were growing up. If you have never cooked with oxtail, it might seem a bit scary, but I’m here to reassure you that it’s delicious, budget-minded, and easy to work with. In other words, oxtail is a great cut to use all winter long. Get to know oxtail here and discover why it’s a great cut to cook with .

That’s also led to an increase in the demand for oxtail meat. There isn’t enough spare oxtail meat to go around to make bulk pricing possible. If a customer wants a lot of oxtail meat, then they’re going to have to pay for each pound as it is.

Baked oxtails benefit from a lower cooking temperature to avoid a tough texture. If you’re using an oven, it’s best to keep the cooking temperature between 275 degrees and 350 degrees. The lower your temperature, the longer you’ll want to bake your oxtails. If you’re baking your oxtails at 350 degrees, start with a cook time of one hour. After an hour, rotate the oxtails and allow them to bake for another hour.

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