What is the height & width of the strike zone in Wiffle Ball?

Yes, games can end in a tie if both teams have the same number of runs after six innings. The tee is easy to set up and take down, so you can practice anywhere. The Strike Zone Pro has a hit trax for sale height adjustable strike zone that can be positioned 15” or 20” above the ground. A defensive player shall not engage in any action or movement with the intent to distract the batter.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of my sheet metal when I was painting it, but you can see what it looked like from the first photo at the top of this post. The tee is made of durable materials that can withstand repeated hitting. The Strike Zone Pro is made of solid color PVC with a galvanized steel plate for durability and is portable for easy transport and storage.

This indicator ensures all players know the strike zone and eliminates the need for an umpire. Made of durable Magnus ABS tubing with a 31″L x 21-1/2″W vinyl mat indicating the strike zone. When the ball hits the indicator, it makes an easy-to-hear sound and drops to the ground fore easy collection. Secure the mat to the frame using hook-and-loop fasteners. Made with 1″ PVC and available in high quality rubber or metal backstop, this wiffle ball strike zone is designed with your wiffle ball enthusiasts in mind.

The strike zone also helps to make the game more challenging and exciting by forcing players to hit specific targets. Further in fully-assembled form, the collapsible and coilable frame member and backstop is semi-elliptical and semi-rectangular in shape in a size suitable to serve as a backstop and strikezone for WIFFLE® ball games. In describing a preferred embodiment of the invention illustrated in the drawings, a plain description will be employed for the sake of clarity. When WiffleNet is collapsed, the coilable member forms overlapping loops over itself to minimize its shape for portability purposes. The coilable member has two ends to form a closed loop , which is enclosed in a cylindrical shell containing the coilable member which permits it to axially rotate.

Two detachable and retractable connectors/fasteners brace members connected the sides of the base and bottom of the backstop to support the strikezone and backstop perpendicular to the ground. The backstop is supported and balanced by two sets of retractable or collapsible plastic brace members—one at each side of the unit. The supports are a pair of rods whose ends are removable, connected to the sides of WiffleNet’s base when fully assembled by either a Velcro-strap or fitted connecting-slot method. Also, we made sure not to cement in the almost-vertical tubes connecting the base to the frame; our thinking is that, with younger kids, we can lower the frame for a kid-sized strike zone. I also painted my sheet metal, but you certainly don’t have to. The galvanized steel finish looks good on its own, but some color really makes it look finished.

Before gluing the PVC pipe, assemble the full strike zone to make sure you have the correct dimensions that everything fits. “…one of the most fantastic ideas in a long time. I love your game and I’m sure everyone else will too.” Great for Wiffle ball, Blitzball, Junk ball, and Swerve balls. All in one design acts as umpire, catcher, and backstop. Desertcart provides a seamless and secure shopping platform with 100 million+ products from around the globe delivered to your door.

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