What Is the Wet Mop Haircut, and Why Is it Popular With Boys on TikTok?

Short Curtain Hairstyle is a signature haircut of the nineties. Rub some styling mousse to get the volume and blow-dry to fix the hair. With a comb or a brush, take any unwanted volume down on the sides.

Over the last decade, he has changed dozens of hairstyles worth our attention. To make this one more pronounced, style it with a hair mousse from Set Wet as it helps add more volume and will jumbo crochet faux locs easily make your hair look thicker. Thinning hair can leave men feeling like their options are limited. But in reality, there are many ways to express your style despite a receding mane.

Ms. Gibson said she sees a return to this mentality, in that there may be a sense of acceptance in taking time with one’s appearance among boys and men today. My hair is goofy, especially if I just dry it with a towel and leave it,” he said. M&S has reduced the price of its Apothecary bundle by £20, meaning you can get eight fabulous products in a stylish jute basket for £25. Get vibrant color and be the fashion king everyone wishes to be. Lee Phillips is a freelance New York based storyteller across mediums.

So make sure to use proper styling products specifically for your curly hair to get more moisturized and defined curls. This version of the mop haircut keeps the longer bangs similar to the original but with an undercut. As a result, providing a stunning juxtaposition of neat and messy. This haircut gives out the perfect classy style full of texture and depth. A vintage hint to the modern trend is all you need to maintain a fashionable appearance.

Sideburns will add more charm to the look and frame your face shape perfectly. First, wash and towel-dry your hair, leaving it slightly damp. Make sure to choose brushes made of high-quality materials. Choose a shorter setting to do the sides and the lower part of your head. With clippers’ control, you do not have to worry about cutting too much of your hair. Your barber surely knows how to recreate this look, but to keep it tidy and neat, you’ll need to trim it regularly.

Apply some pre-styling mousse and blow-dry your hair to get the needed volume. Using a brush or your fingers, sweep your hair to the side you prefer. To get the look of Owen Chase from In The Heart of The Sea, wash and towel-dry your hair. This is one of the rare times we see Chris with his hair brushed forward. His hair clearly has products in it as it falls over his forehead, and the rest of the hair is loaded with texture, excluding the short sides.

Regardless of your age, this haircut will look terrific on you. The hair length is perfect for both casual and professional settings which is hard to find in trendy hairstyles. As you have seen from the ideas presented, the sensual laid-back energy of this haircut is to die for. The intentional messiness creates a lot of volume and a hint of mystery to your character. Moreover, the subtle bowl-like shape helps frame your face more distinctly.

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