Where can I buy rings for a 2 liter pop toss game?

Reduce screen time, have more active play fun under the sun! This stable and durable cornhole toss board is easy to assemble and fold down into the included storage bag. I saw this device on youtube and i couldnt wait to buy it. Ive always had trouble finding people to practice due to my crazy schedule but i no longer have that issue.

The most important thing to remember is to always have some protection in front of the tee. Also the tee performs better and stays cleaner if you set it up in grass. Make sure you set the Timing Knob so you have enough time to get back in your stance comfortably before the ball is launched . Soft Toss helps the “Muscle Memory” in your swing. The Pop Toss helps with the “Muscle Memory” in your Batting Stance, Routine and Swing. I got it last year and have hit at least 3,000 balls with it so far.

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This game may seem easy at first, but it is very challenging to master! If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact the developers. Click here for instructions on switching out the valve. Pop Toss provides a lifetime warranty on all worn or defective Pop Toss Batting Tee parts.

My 8yr old and 3yr old grands enjoys this game. Also helps with math by keeping the score. Remember the location of where the ball landed? Move the Pop Toss or yourself so that the ball crosses the strike zone of where you will be positioned, where you want it to and at the height you want it to.

After about 400 hits the machine started malfunctioning so i called the the 800 number on the device. I spoke to a woman named pat and all i cleat cleaner brush can say is GREAT customer service. I told her the problem and she shipped me timer, base, spring, and striker free of charge within 3 days.

This is a great training aid for hitting a slow pitch softball. It really helps with practicing those ball placement swings. I use my PopToss about 200 times per week so it gets good use. I just came back from the Senior Softball 50 Major World Championships in Las Vegas this past weekend. I can rely on my PopToss though… I believe I finished with a .892 batting average and again would not have been possible without my PopToss. By firmly grasping the Ball Striker on the sides and spinning it to the left or the right, you can change which direction the spin is turning.

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