Where to Find Medaka Fish in Genshin Impact Medaka Fish Location Guide

Players have been warned to find a prime location on the map and stay motionless until things start to spawn. The Glaze Medaka can be found in some of the same locations, but we would advise using the interactive map to make sure you find the correct area to find them. The area north and across the sea from Dihua Marsh holds another fishing spot for Medaka. There fishing point is at a dock here with a few hilichurls.

Fishing can give you one of the best free 4-star spears in the game. You will need to make your way to any of the Genshin Impact Inazuma fishing spots. While they aren’t hard to find, we still have a list today so you can find all the Inazuma fishing spots. With the release of the Genshin Impact Version 2.1 Update, a robust fishing system has been added to the game.

A third fishing spot for Medaka is located in the large river that flows from Stormbearer Mountains to the sea. You will not need any special pole to catch the Glaze Medaka. However, favoured pastes are the fruit paste bait and glow grass bait. Below we have marked the location of Medaka Fish found in the Mondstadt region.

The long river in Minlin is home to one fishing spot for Medaka. Medaka location in Mt. Aocang Further west in Liyue, Medaka swim in the fishing spot in the center of Mt. Aocang’s lake. Medaka location in north Stormterror’s Lair Genshin Impact players can find Medaka fish in the lake in the northern region of Stormterror’s Lair. A full-time writer, he loves to type obscure lists about Neo Geo arcade machines. Being a sensitive soul, games that make him cry are his passion. In fact, he still refuses to play Last of Us II as he knows he will blubber throughout the whole thing.

There’s another fishing spot relatively close to the former. Genshin Impact players can find Medaka fish among the small slivers of islands south of the larger islands in north Bishui Plain. It’s an expansive system with fishing spots dotted across the entire world. You’ll need to fish quite a bit to unlock some grahams barber shop of the more advanced bait, though. Medaka is a rare fish in Genshin Impact, based on the Japanese rice fish, but you can find it in many locations if you know where to look. We have a master Genshin Impact Fishing Points guide you can refer to if you’re ever wondering where to catch a particular species.

The baits formula is obtained during the World Quest Exploding Population, during the fishing tutorial. The copyrights of videos of games used in our content and other intellectual property rights belong to the provider of the game. If you need more Medaka Fish, you can try out the below locations in the Liyue and Inazuma regions. In this Genshin Impact guide, we will share the location of Medaka Fish.

Once you complete the Exploding Population quest, you can then find a wide variety of fish in Teyvat’s 27 different locations. Choose your rod, use the right type of bait, cast into the water, and you will be stocking up on fish in no time. This species has inscrutable behavioral patterns, and they can often be seen bursting into struggling fits out of the blue, as if bearing some sort of unseen pain. This phenomenon, however, does not occur at all when they are alone. Some researchers believe that this peculiarity stems from their natural desire to perform.

Players should look below the main city of Mondstadt to find it. Genshin Impact 2.1 has introduced fishing to the game, and players are now casting their lines for a wide variety of fish species. Several fishing spots in Genshin Impact have the new Medaka fish.

This means it takes 24 hours at most for fish to respawn in an area. If you’re hunting for fish, it’s also good to remember that fish run in day/night cycles. If you’ve exhausted the fish in a pool during one cycle, try changing your clock to the opposite time of day. You should be able to get some extra fish by using this method.

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