Wiffle Ball Rules

All in one design acts as umpire, catcher, and backstop. It is so similar to one of the most favorite sports, which is baseball. Someone aptly described uc riverside tours the Wiffle ball as the simplified or miniature version of baseball. People who enjoy baseball love Wiffle ball because they are so similar.

There are a number of online retailers that sell wiffle ball strike zones at a discount. You can also check local sporting goods stores or department stores for sales on wiffle ball strike zones. The best cheap wiffle ball strike zone is a circular area with a diameter of about 10 inches. This area should be marked off with a piece of tape or chalk.

The STRIKE ZONE, cut out of the backstop shall be 22″ wide by 30″ tall, and start 12″ off the ground. Any batter interference with the pitch will be called a strike. Any fly ball caught in the air is an out. Only the standard yellow Wiffle® Ball bat will be used for play. League officials have the right to inspect any bats being used and only they can declare if bat is legal/illegal for play. A good rule of thumb is to make the strike zone about the size of a small dinner plate.

The Wiffle ball tee is constructed of durable polyester fabric. A defensive fielder shall not position himself behind the pitcher within the batter’s hitting background. SACRIFICE FLY – batter has option of tagging – must say “sacrifice fly” while ball is in air. The defender who catches the ball must throw it through the hole in backstop on the fly from where he caught it. If he does, it’s a double play, if not, then the run scores.

The only modification to the surface of the ball will be that resulting from normal play. If a ball is torn more than ¼ inch, it will be ruled illegal for play and will be removed from the game. Yes, games can end in a tie if both teams have the same number of runs after six innings. For better stability, put sand in the base pvc piping. The cost of making this strike zone was under $50. All materials were purchased at Home Depot.

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