Workshop speakers for Take Flight Summit for women 45 and over

Now, Dawn works with other “hidden entrepreneurs” to create a strategic plan of action that will help them transition into their 2nd Act with ease and confidence. Alma’s professional background includes management consulting, nonprofit leadership, and healthcare solutions. She retired in 2019 after spending five years as Director of Client Relations for Homewatch Caregivers … Helping families of elderly parents identify healthcare solutions. In her own family, Alma worked together with her 5 siblings to offer their mother, with dementia, the love, comfort, peace and dignity she deserved until her transition last year.

Educating and empowering her clients is a passion and she loves the challenges and rewards it presents. Ms. Shapiro has been a guest on many local and national shows/networks. She is a published author and impassioned speaker with the determination to empower everyone around her with knowledge. The webinar will also uncover the details on how she was able to strike her first successful deal within 30 days with the knowledge and consistent support from her sons.

Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep are the combined force behind The Product Boss Podcast. Together their goal is to change the landscape of product entrepreneurship by connecting women around the world through a blend of real-life business tactics, creative strategy and modern leadership. Listen to the below video on how Laura helped Jacqueline and Minna create an ascension plan for their businesses. The goal for the game is to take out seven of the Visionaries. Each one wins one hit, and then will take out a second hit. If you don’t like that idea, maybe you can just leave the island and hit the end of the game.

We’ve all heard of the “flying money gif” but have you ever actually seen one? Tresa is a full-time real estate investor and answers questions throughout the MasterClass. Due to the high volume of women that she is training and serving, the Facebook chat and the Facebook page Discussion area are the best ways to submit and get all of your questions answered by Tresa and other participants in the MasterClass. The Without Fear of Her Future MasterClass is a 7-day online training with the founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network; Tresa Todd-Lugten. And we’re not just talking about a plan to scale your business to the multi-millions .

I am beyond grateful for Laura’s assistance in crafting the right brand strategies that helped my company grow from just under 20 to over 100 locations within two years’ time. Robbin McManne is a a certified Parenting Coach through the Jai Institute for Parenting. She is a published author, 7-figure business owner and and has worked with a wide variety of parents from Canada, The United States, Australia, New Zeland and the UK. Robbin is honoured to help other moms and dads become more confident, happy and connected parents. Click on this video to hear about Robbin’s results in the first 30 days of working together. Jennifer Allwood helps women find freedom in thier business, my time, finances, and most importantly, through faith in God.

A highly sought-after motivational speaker that absolutely loves empowering people to sell and achieve more. She turned her Top 1% sales career into an in-demand sales consulting company, The Sales Company, where she engages sales teams and individuals in creating predictable sales success. Learn more about Debbie and her work at The Sales Company. As CEO and Founder of RED Development Group, Collette has proven that her entrepreneurial roots run deep. She also founded Collette Portis & Co. and Destined Designs and is a profound speaker.

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However, as she began to consider her options for retirement and her career afterwards, she realized that neither her savings nor her 401k would be enough to live comfortably for more than a few years. You’re looking pacordero007 for a secure financial plan to fund your retirement and leave a leave a legacy for your family. Learn how the wealthy leverage other people’s money to invest in real estate and generate multi-generational wealth.

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