Workshop speakers for Take Flight Summit for women 45 and over

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Like most flight sims, it’s a pretty unforgiving game. It’s really hard to make a shot and then have it actually go bang because of some sort of physics-based glitch. As we all know, this game is made by someone gary making the cut autism who grew up in the 90s and has been playing games since, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. What’s important about this game is that it’s a flight simulator that’s pretty damn hard to beat.

She enjoys traveling, camping, singing, trail running, and team trivia competitions. Shelley B. Thomas, JD, NBC-HWC is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with certifications and advanced training in Functional Medicine, Mind Body Medicine, Autoimmune Disease, Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis. Shelley is the Founder of My Healthcare Partner, LLC, a Lifestyle Medicine Coaching organization and a contributing author to books on Holistic Healing and The Art of Surrender, due to be released in late 2020.

The only fun part is shooting people and blowing them up. That might seem hard to do, but if you are patient enough you can probably manage it. The game is a sort of a time loop, with every player completing the same objective. At the end of the game everyone is back on the island and everyone has died. You can use it to get to the point or anything else. But it’s only four days, and you have a lot of time to spare before you’re back on the island again.

Tresa Todd-Lugten is a real estate expert specifically catering to women. She was mentored by 3 of the highest producing real estate investors in Dallas, TX who just so happen to be her very own sons. She watched as they completed over 100 transactions in their first 2 years into the business. Listen to the below video on how Laura totally changed her team’s approach to sales. We’ve all heard of the “flying money gif” but have you ever actually seen one? Tresa is a full-time real estate investor and answers questions throughout the MasterClass.

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