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The primary motivation is to make our women aware of trending fashion and how to use it in better ways to deals with. Webz is a shoe that is a hybrid and combines the benefits of sandal, trainer and flip flops. It is breathable just like a sandal or flip flops, yet it combines the comfort and full footbed support of a trainer. All of this compacted into a style that is highly fashionable.


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When you publish a guest post on our webpage, publishing you can drive greater brand awareness because you’ll be given the option to put a link in your text to your website. As an International Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, your guest post can be read in various parts of the world and in different languages, like Spanish and Dutch. StylesWeekly is a women-focused website, we publish fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle-related topics.

The ones we have mentioned here are just the main topics, you can explore them with different types. Write captivating guest posts with eye-catching titles that encourage people to read them. The articles’ intention must be to motivate people, which is why the content should be enticing, nice, and interesting. Therefore, dedicating yourself to create a quality informative guest post will be a factor considered by us. It is important that you choose a subject matter linked to one of the categories we manage in our blogs. Hence, your guest post will be taken into account to be published in the corresponding category.

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Our writers stay up-to-date on fashion trends that everybody wants to know about. This will provide writers with useful information to improve one’s writing and enhance reader enjoyment. It also provides information regarding our policy on writing and the use of images. If you want to write for us then, feel free to send a pitch or idea before publishing a post. These services aim to unburden you from surfing and scouring the internet in search of the place to guest post on.

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