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Dezeen “” short for Design Magazine “” has an architectural focus, covering new trends in architecture. However, it also often features furniture, lighting and transport. There’s a clear environmentally-friendly slant, with a whole section dedicated to green design. The pictures on this blog are bright and beautiful, leaving readers drawn to the fascinating structures it shows.


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If you are obsessed with architectural design styles, then you have come to the right place. ‘Capitalising on my ability to solve problems and produce new ideas, with systematic improvements and reliability. ‘I ensure the design creativity meets safety regulations while keeping the audience in mind. Bob follows this rule well, posting multiple times a week. I never have, and probably never will reach this level. I’ve accepted this because blogging is not a top priority for me.

We believe that the concept of ‘home’ is very much imbibed into humankind and that every home has a story to tell. If you are also fond of generating ideas, changing the world with your words, and telling stories specific to our niche, Reach out to us now. It is our community of loyal readers that makes Sprak Design so awesome. We aim to offer new web designers and developers a wide pool of knowledge including tricks, tips, processes, and knowledge about new design trends and technologies. And nothing makes us happier than seeing our great readers following and reading our posts regularly. Grassdesk.com is the last and 10th number website from the list of top 10 websites accepting blogs for interior design write for us.

Although these rules are specific to our blog, they aren’t rocket science. Many other architect bloggers have similar ideas. Before we even took off from Sun Valley, I got talking to Bill about business. I told him about my one year old architecture firm that I started with my two partners.

Our audience consists of creative architects, interior designers, and freelancers looking to expand their mind and improve their skills. If you contact us and knowingly pitch something that isn’t beneficial to our audience, we will ignore your email. Interested in writing an article or tutorial for us?

Write for Us – Construction Guest PostsAnyone interested in writing construction guest posts is welcome to submit their article. And, if you write for us on construction, write for us on home improvement, write for us on real estate, or write for us on property, we would be happy to publish your article. We would love to give talented writers a chance to get published and gain an audience that their writing deserves. In the past, there have been a huge number of talented and skilled writers that have been allowed to showcase their writing skills on our website. Our main goal is to provide the best architecture-related ideas. However, you may also send an MS Word document and we will follow the same process.

Use a minimum of 800 words to describe your ideas. Home decor tips of the living room, bedroom and dining room. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.

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