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Ensure your post teaches and gives the readers a lot of value. IF YOU ARE EMAILING FROM A Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail address, we will not reply. We are a professional business site and only highlight writing from professional sources.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Top-notch content on online marketing, GetResponse products, and more. If we accept your pitch, we will pay you for your writing and reporting. You will be expected to participate in a background check and sign a freelancing agreement to join our roster of writers. If possible, share a link to your portfolio or other pieces of sample business writing.

The entrepreneurship guest posts talk about, well, entrepreneurship. You will write articles that share information about starting an individual business from scratch. If you are eager to write for us, one thing to keep in mind is that guest posting is an opportunity to demonstrate to your readers your knowledge and competence in the subject area. They are not a forum for excessively advertising products, deals, or businesses in any way.

Our team writes as if we are communicating to one executive, directly. We’re not looking for lengthy ledes and feature pieces. Instead, we write as if we were knowing consultants, pulling the executive aside for a quick chat with meaningful information. You can easily connect with our Guest Post team through . Make sure any links in your post are valid and relevant. 1) The content should be creative, unique, and not published elsewhere.

You can easily search for us via Write For Us + Guest Post. We like to work with freelance content writers, Bloggers, and individual authors. If your guest post is accepted, we will fix any errors if need be. Below are three examples that demonstrate how to write a relevant article without being promotional.

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