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Rather, you can use the same details but in a totally different way as that will disturb the interest of the reader. To share your guest post on cricket with us, write an outreach email to us on with the subject “Request for Guest Posting on Crickclassics”. We will send you a confirmation email to write a sports guest post for us. If you write regularly and love writing about cricket, news, stats and other sports related articles, you may even be able to earn working with us.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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You will be given chance to express your opinions about the sports you love. CricketYorkshire.com is a trusted voice featuring stories from both the professional and amateur game in Yorkshire. Here are a few ideas of what to write about if you are looking for some inspiration….

C. Do not repeat lines or parts from a previous article on the same subject, you can convey the same information but use a new pattern to describe. Fans don’t just follow the sport, they feel it – the pain, the passion, the guts and the glory. We have 2,000+ writers creating content for Cricket, Football, NBA, NFL, WWE, Esports, Gaming and a lot more.

And we need these sports fans to create highly engaging and entertaining content for these visitors. We at Sportskeeda are building the fastest growing global sports media company at a break-neck speed for the hardcore sports fan, created by passionate sports experts. Cricket Schedule – No.1️⃣ fastest growing cricket website ✔️. The website offers domestic and international cricket fixtures for India, Pakistan, Australia, England & Other countries.

Your article will be published on cricketyorkshire.com and promoted across Twitter, Facebook, Google News and our Cricket Yorkshire newsletter. Once published, emergingcricket.com and its owner/s retain copyright to the submitted content. The introductory para should be used as a lead, put out some part of the information and talk about that in detail. At the same time also take care that it is not too vague, would kill the interest otherwise. It’s very important to know what’s the happening topic in the sports industry. So, writing a relevant content to audience expectation will engage them more on your content.

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