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70% of people would prefer to learn about a company through articles rather than advertisements. Note that we do not publish any infographics that were not designed on 99designs. Is one you would be proud to share on your own social media channels once it’s complete. Pitches are considered approximately once/month . If you don’t hear anything from us, it probably means the pitch was just not the right fit. Take a look at this article on the best graphic design software to find out what options you have.

Packaging Blog “Write For Us” the content of the story should not cross 1000 words. Products must be secure and respect their look for delivering excellent and trustworthy product reviews. Writers must conduct as much study as possible on a certain issue for visitors to understand what they want to say. The content must be presented in a well-written, naturally-flowing manner.

You can also edit colors, texts, icons and elements. A powerful logo can give a company easy recognition. Create your unique business logo using our AI powered logo maker tool.

So simple and yet so many businesses neglect to do so. Every nugget of information you openly share helps inspire a little more trust. What types of people are visiting your About Us page? Most likely, they’re prospective customers considering the purchase of your products or services.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Got some interesting stats that reflect well on your business? If you’ve sent out any press releases that resulted in publicity in magazines, newspapers or online publications, you can use quotes from them. Include a screenshot and link to the write-up.

And among Millennials, 7 out of 10 are likely to watch a company video when shopping online. Got an interesting story about how your business got its name? It’s worth telling and will make your name more memorable, according to Brandlance, which develops business name ideas. In fact, the best public speakers often communicate their information by telling personal stories.

You’re going to want to think really hard about putting your soup in something else. On one hand, it will make you stand out, which could help set you apart. Enter your email to get the ebook, along with creative tips, trends, resources and the occasional promo (which you can opt-out of anytime). The article must fall under the scope of Razorops (eg- DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, etc). Please check out Razorops blog for reference.

Something that is large or with odd dimensions, on the other hand, may require a custom packaging solution instead of an out-of-the-box box. Thank you for your interest in writing for our blog! You will get a fantastic place for the numerous categories and keywords you choose by writing a guest post.

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