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Your website also gets exposure because it gets to be referenced in your article. We also share your articles on our social media channels which boast of thousands of followers. Your article will be seen and read by thousands of people. Go Blue Sun is a business and finance blog that caters to people who constantly look for advice about a wide range of topics concerning their everyday lives. Ever since, it’s been our mission to interpret somewhat complicated economic aspects in a simpler yet still insightful way for our readers. And if you, a freelance journalist, think you can add more value to our burgeoning website, we just might have something in store.


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Your own due diligence is recommended before buying or selling any investments, securities, or precious metals. We do not share in your profits and thus will not take responsibility for your losses as well. Self-promotional material will automatically be denied, as will material that is no longer timely. The investment menu for the Retirement Savings Plan includes three tiers that offer a variety of investments from several mutual fund families. Create your tailored investment strategy based on your comfort level with investing.

We only approve posts with better information for our readers. If you are here to sell any product or service, our blog strictly prohibits it. We ask our guest writers not to do so in the name of guest postings. Every content on our site is carefully researched to ensure that our visitors understand the topic at hand. While we want your post to be interesting, we also don’t want it to be too short.

Any writer who is interested in the financial industry or fintech industry can join us and help us in providing the high quality content to our readers. If you are interested in finance and if you are fond of writing, then we would like to hear from you, and we would like to collaborate with you. This way, you will get an opportunity to showcase your skills without having to step out of the home. You can contact us via the email address mentioned on our website, and we will connect back with you. I am Jennifer Nelson the founder of Financetoknow.com, A finance blog that shares financial tips and information related to business, insurance, banking, financial markets, and much more.

Therefore, we reserve the right not to publish multiple submissions by the same author unless each submission meets our editorial standards. Thank you for your interest in mentoring our startups. We invite investors and investment firms to collaborate for investing in lnnovations that with assorted portfolio and geenrate value for their investment. Sit back and relax while our team would access the application. If its a match, someone from the team will connect to gather more information.

You consent to us using your name in connection with displaying and distributing your submission. Once the pitch meets these standards, the editorial team will review it to see if it suits Moneymunch. Please cite and link to external research or expertise when quoted. Only invest if you can afford to lose your entire investment. All of the investment opportunities on Mainvest contain risk.

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