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Before you start writing, email your proposed topic and expertise to save time for both parties. This website dedicates to pet health and insurance. As a result, you must have prior experience as a veterinary technician or veterinarian. Before you begin, review the guidelines for more information. You can write about any animal topic you want in Animal Boarding Near Me. You should also check whether we like the keywords you plan to use by reading articles that have already been published on our platform.

It is not rocket science to find us or websites like us where you can publish your pet-related banners. All you need to know are the effective search terms that can help you find the best pet blogs from the ocean of Google. But make sure you have checked our guidelines and finalized the image size and text size of your banner before submitting it to us. We will review your banner before publishing, so double-check it before sending it to us. The PetPlace editorial staff reserves the right to make any edits they deem necessary to any work submitted by guest writers. Authors may or may not be informed of edits prior to publication.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Is a natural pet magazine dedicated to promoting holistic care for dogs and cats. They accept unsolicited story outlines and articles ranging from 500 to 1,500 words. Magazine offers tips, feature stories, and how-to articles relating to dog behavior, nutrition, natural therapies, health care, and more.

Our editorial team demands uniquely written and high-quality content. The content you provide us should be uniquely written and free from plagiarism. We look forward to providing our readers with fresh copies of relevant information concerning pets. So, please do not send a guest post to us that has been published somewhere else previously. Yes, we are looking for new guest post writers.

For ideas on what to write about, visit the Guest Posts page. The blog posts articles based on that month’s theme, so keep that in mind. Send your pitch to the address listed on that page’s email address. You will be able to link to your website in both the author’s bio and body. Animalscomparison.com is online community for animals, Dogs, cats, gecko and pets where you can compare animals, their strength, size, height, weight, weakness etc.

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