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Pristyn Care blog covers content related to all facets of treatment with the sole objective of helping you get what you seek at our platform. We break down our content with clear-cut facts so that you stay confident in making a well-informed health decision for yourself and your loved ones. If you think you’re a good fit, you can apply to the specific roles below or get in touch viato suggest other ways in which you could use your skills to contribute to the team. A collection of anatomy notes covering the key anatomy concepts that medical students need to learn.


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You must be a medical sales professional, medical sales recruiter, or someone who hires, manages, or trains medical sales professionals.. We do not accept guest submissions from people just looking to get a link back to their site. First and foremost, do your homework and review the guidelines below.

If you think you have something to offer our readers, we’d love to hear from you. Before being accepted for publication, submitted texts will be reviewed by the editor. Before final publication, where appropriate, there may be further review by medical and/or legal expert in the relevant field. Where the text needs to be changed substantially for any reason, the editor will share revised version with author to ensure accuracy is maintained. Our blogs are designed to cut through confusion, are based on expert advice and knowledge, and curated to help you understand health in the simplest and most straightforward language. If you have recently been through the IMT interview process and would like to share your experiences by writing questions, articles or joining our faculty then get in touch.

We can crop from a larger picture, but image quality may suffer. Articles, book reviews, meeting reports, opinion, letters to the editor, and news reports. With the medical editor’s approval of the material above, you may proceed to write the manuscript. The article should be optimized for2-3 relevant keywords. Any submission received with less than 1,500+ words will be rejected.

It allows people to gain insight into an issue through the real-time experiences of other people. At AvaCare Medical, one of the nation’s largest online medical supplies and equipment stores, we aim to provide our customers with more than just excellent products and superb service. To this end, we have created a large library of resources as well as a blog where we share important tips on managing their conditions and improving their lifestyles.

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