W’s Tower of Misery

He has since become known for his lip-syncing, cooking and other lifestyle videos. He is notorious for having had his first two TikTok accounts banned. I loved it that they didn’t show Thomas moping around with his head in his hands.

And yes, Paris really overstepped when she went behind Steffy’s back and encouraged Finn to look into a relationship with Sheila, also behind Steffy’s back. Steffy was/is Paris’ boss and the person who first suggested she live with them, rent free. She seems to insinuate herself into the lives and problems of others far too often and then gets judgmental about stuff she doesn’t know the full history of when she does. She also seems to use Zende as her fall back guy whenever she happens to need one, which is unattractive, though he’s equally dumb for allowing it. I think part of the problem is that Bell has never really known what to do with Paris. For the amount of time she’s been on BB, he’s done very little with regard to trying to develop her character.

Us older people, remember some great couples back in the day. Some came out of nowhere, some we wanted and waited forever for. Some we didn’t see coming and was blind for a few days and couldn’t unsee. At least one for me, I rooted for and knew it was wrong in so many bathing suits for big bottoms horrible ways, but boy it was so right, chemistry and makeup writing, that I could not help myself. The whole Paris/Sinn story line was stupid from the beginning. What about to be married couple decides to have someone they don’t even know that well move in with them?

What happened to the long ago spoiler about Thomas getting a mature love interest? No offense, but Paris does not strike me as all that overly mature. My thoughts exactly, geeze I thought she would be gone by now, why is it so hard to get rid of her, and I was really hoping Thomas would get a new love interest , anyone but Paris. Well I guess I’ll have to continue fast forwarding whenever she comes on .

Isn’t it funny that all of the sudden Paris isn’t in Steffy & Finn’s orbit anymore. I’m happy, but that was a seriously weird vibe. They seem to be good friends and get along well. If they are more, it seems to be coming along slowly and that is always a good thing.

He seems happy, and Paris even seems more tolerable. It wouldn’t be the first time that couples have given it more than one chance. I think Thomas and Paris might be able to start their own company. He ordered Chick-fil-A in a viral TikTok viewed more than 750,000 times. One of his most popular videos featured him showing off his nails and received over 15 million views, before the account it was on was deleted.

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