‘You got dominated’: Detroit DUST claps back after video of man embarrassing its founder goes viral

But as the months have passed, neither seems particularly warm and fuzzy anymore. Kowal still thinks Brown’s training is only slightly better than not getting any training at all. “In person, he was very friendly and charismatic,” Kowal says. “I want to say this in a respectful manner because the Brown did show up. But a lot of the techniques that he teaches would not work in a real-life situation.”

Earlier the three-time UFC champion Georges St-Pierre had stated that UFC success doesn’t translate to street fighting. Consequently, Safety Manager Dale Brown, who owns Detroit’s Threat Management Center, explains why UFC success Doesn’t Translate To Street Fighting. Brown has spent his career training people on how to survive violence.

V.I.P.E.R.S learn how to create a non-violent outcome from a situation that would normally end in serious bodily injury and death. Welcome to the future of protection education and facilitation. V.I.P.E.R.S. certified Threat Management Specialists practice non-violent threat management tactical strategies and logistics.

I haven’t yet been able to disprove that he’s had a military background. The biggest clue about his service, remains an image Brown has posted himself – depicting his young and dapper self below the Airborne School banner. In 1995 he began working with the Detroit police department, teaching them his self-defense and threat management system.

But today, the giant Packard plant on the city’s east side is slowly wasting away – a sad, rusting reminder of better times – and there are only two car factories within the city limits. One of those is partly in the neighbouring city of Hamtramck. Detroit’s population, meanwhile, now stands at around 700,000, the lowest it has been since 1910.

Inside the octagon, fighters have to follow a set of rules that are there for their safety. However, what would happen if these pro fighters have to confront someone in the streets where there are no rules, no regulations. Dale’s Instagram is full of videos of him showing various defense moves, including the one OBJ recently imitated. Upon graduation from all 25 component certifications V.I.P.E.R.S. are elevated to the status of a certified Threat Management Specialist.

But near the end of the call, he offered his own personal admiration for what Brown has done. On the day of the baby rescue, Johnson says he felt jittery and a little scared as they drove over. Asher launched on what she thought was a shocking story of a stolen infant. The man said a group of unknown people in uniforms knocked on the door and asked for his ID.

Detroit Urban Survival Training TikToks also became widespread, as well as memes on other platforms like Twitter and iFunny. We have mission specific training curriculum and programs designed for public, and private schools and universities. Our educational programs are derived from real world experience gained in actual situations. We have protected men, women, children, and law enforcement officers with our tactical training in Downtown Detroit and surrounding areas since 1995. Ths real “history” of DUST has quickly been erased now that Brown’s fame has reached the mainstream and he seeks to cement DUST’s less serious caricature like image.

The day before this quiet cruise through the city streets, they’d gotten a call about a woman who filed a restraining order against her husband. She’d asked for someone to accompany her to court, where her husband would be, too, and the Browns dropped everything to go with her. Kowal wants to hear specific teachers and achievements within martial arts from Brown. But Brown emphasizes that he has an eclectic background involving lots of sporadic training within a slew of disciplines.

A fighter will give their blood, sweat, and tears just to step in the octagon. The journey ahead from a nobody to a champion is a near-impossible feat of its own. Dale has kept it purely professional on social media, revealing nothing about his family, children or any other information about his personal fun things to do in torch lake michigan life. My first step in researching Brown has been to figure out how old he is – in order to get an estimate of how much time he’s actually spent at military school. Doing some guesstimation from the public information out there, I’ve come to a conclusion that Dale Brown is currently 52 years old.

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